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Thyristor Drawn Arc Stud Welding Equipment

Product ID : ST Thyristor series ST-3150

Product Attributes :

The ST series Thyristor type DA controllers are powerful drawn arc stud welding systems designed and manufactured by China IKING Stud welding. These Thyristor Drawn Arc stud welding controllers are efficient and robust, coming with brake-fitted wheels for easy manoeuvrability and the capacity for welding in different locations depending on your requirements. They are an ideal choice for fastening larger diameter mild steel and stainless-steel studs to sheet metals.

As with all China IKING Stud welding products, these Thyristor drawn arc stud welding systems have undergone a variety of tests for durability, efficiency, and quality control, including soak tests on every component. We have developed Thyristor DA controllers to provide superior stud welding results and they are CE marked in line with European health and safety legislation.

Product Description

ST series stud welding machine


1.China IKING ST series drawn arc stud welding machine are mainly applied to the installation of stud fusion welding in construction of steel structure, bridge and railway etc drawn arc stud welding machine. with functions of weld time preset, weld parameter preset and digital display etc. The precision preset time can reach to 0.01 second, and welding preset current can reach to 1 ampere, which improve welding reliability and stability and can be operated easily.

2.The main power of drawn arc stud welding machine is designed in compact size and lightweight, can work 24 hours continuously. With design of anti-faulty-operation, it can prevent repeat welding onto the same point. The welder also have functions of short-circuit protection and circuit-breaker protections, which can protects circuit control board well, and the welder can be started smoothly after trouble-shooting. With all protections above, the failure rate of the welder is low, and it can prolong the life-span of drawn arc stud welding machine.

 3. Specially designed main power source with compact size and lightweight, continuous 24 hours heavy duty work. It was successfully applied to important construction projects, such as main stadium of Expo 2010 Shanghai China, Beijing National Stadium etc..

 4. Accurate control on weld process, circuit simplified, which improve the welding reliability and stability;Step-less adjustment of welding current and welding time can be preset, which is accurate and reliable;Combines three functions in one machine: bolt welding, stud welding and MMA, function switching is simple and convenie

Soak tested components used. All systems undergo extensive durability tests.
Microcomputer controlled.
Constant weld current.
Infinitely adjustable welding time.
Solid state switching.
Visual time display.
Constant air cooling.
Recessed front and back panels protect controls and weld sockets.
Twist and lock weld plugs and sockets.
●Welds Short Cycle Drawn Arc.


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