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Shear Connector Specification

Product Description


Made by high quality low carbon headed steel wire, make sure shear studs mechanical properties and welding property, no cracks on studs’ heads.
High precision multi-station cold forming machine, ensure high precision and constant shear studs dimensions, round chamfer at the end of the studs.
High precision dimensions make the shear studs easy to load into the welding gun chuck and hold tight properly; Flat weld end with round chamfer make the shear studs easy to insert into the ceramic ferrule hole, and get 360 degree perfect weld collar.
Accurate calculated aluminium flux embedded by unique equipment automatically, ensure the welding quality and avoid cavities in the welding bead.

Surface Treatment:

IKING shear connectors used high quality low carbon steel proceed by pickling and phosphating, ensure the studs have long time anti-rust condition.

Welding Process

Drawn arc stud welding for shear connectors can be done mechanically or automatically, using welding guns or welding heads. The shear stud is inserted into the stud holder and – fitted with a ceramic ferrule, if necessary – applied to the work piece. At the beginning of the welding process, the stud is lifted by the mechanism and, normally, first a pilot arc, then the main arc, are struck between the tip of the shear stud and the work piece. This causes the face of the stud and the parent material to melt. When the welding time has elapsed, the shear stud is plunged with little force (< 100 N) into the molten pool, and the current source is switched off. The ceramic ferrule is then removed. Figure shows the sequence of events using a ceramic ferrule.


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