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Insulation Pins Welding Machine

Product ID : SB insulation pins series SB-1250

Product Attributes :

Unbeatable new power pack

With efficient inverter-capacitor charging technology
Enormous time and energy savings (30 % less energy!)
Highest cycle sequence of its class (up to 40 studs/min.)
20 % energy reserve due to 220 V charging voltage
Simple operation & minimal weight (20 % lighter than previous model)
Extreme long life due to robust and functional industrial design
Highest level of quality and safety

IP 21 – Highest possible protection of its class
Capacitor formation recorded – Quality control for consistent capacitor quality through automateed formation
Shock-proof capacitor battery – No contact of the capacitors to the device housing; sparkover (short cicuit) is therefore not possible!
Cooling channel – Protects the electronic components from getting soiled. Ideal cooling of the inverter charging p.c. board for high sequence cycles.

Product Description

The patented product is specially designed for the insulation welding construction of the penetrating insulation layer of the refrigeration and air purification pipelines.

Specially designed insulated nail guns and insulated nail chucks have extremely high welding efficiency and have been successfully used in key construction projects such as the CCTV new building.

The main circuit of the third generation optimized design controls the welding process, the work is stable, the charging time is short, the welding efficiency is high, and the perfect protection circuit is provided to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment and the welding quality is high.

The charging voltage is continuously adjustable and the welding parameters can be preset to the optimum state.

The cup head weld pin welder application features

 1. They are widely apply for anywhere need to install insulation material.

 2. Reduce the install steps and time, no any requirement for the surface.

 3. Save time for install the insulation material.

 4. Fix the insulation material securely after the cup head pin is welded.

 5. No limit for place for install insulation material, whatever it is flat or round or square.

 6. The welding will not be limited by the temperature. The weather will not effect the installing.

 7. Reduce the installation time, we can weld the cup head weld pins at same time during install the insulation material.

Weld process  Cup head insulation pin welding

Drawn arc insulation pin welding


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