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IGBT Dranwn Arc Stud Welding Machine

Product ID : SN7 IGBT series SN7-3150

Product Attributes :

This SN7 IGBT(Inverter) series new, dependable, light-weight stud welder is not light in power and precision. It can deliver up to 3150 amps for 1” (25 mm) full base diameter stud welding. The friendly user interface has preset buttons, graphic gun, and weld quality indicator. Its simplicity reduces set-up time, operator training, and error. Quality core parts of inverter type stud welding machine are imported from Japan, USA etc, which make sure the reliable and heavy duty performance during dusty construction site.

Product Description

SN7 series Inverter IGBT arc shear stud welding machine

 China IKING IGBT (inverter) type drawn arc stud welder are mainly applied to the installation of stud fusion welding in construction of steel structure, bridge and railway etc . with functions of weld time preset, weld parameter preset and digital display etc. The precision preset time can reach to 0.01 second, and welding preset current can reach to 1ampere, which improve welding reliability and stability and can be operated easily.

 The main power of welding machine is designed in compact size and lightweight, can work 24 hours continuously. With design of anti-misoperation, it can prevent repeat welding onto the same point. The welder also have functions of short-circuit protection and circuit-breaker protections, which can protects circuit control board well, and the welder can be started smoothly after trouble-shooting. With all protections above, the failure rate of the welder is low, and it can prolong the life-span of welding machine.


 Light weight, simple maintenance, stable and reliable welding quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

 Application in industries: steel structure, shipbuilding, chemical, construction, metallurgy, automotive, bridge, boiler, chassis and so on.

 Soak tested components used. All systems undergo extensive durability tests.

 Microcomputer controlled.

 Constant weld current.

 Infinitely adjustable welding time.

 Solid state switching.

 Visual time display.

 Constant air cooling.

 Recessed front and back panels protect controls and weld sockets.

 Twist and lock weld plugs and sockets.

 Welds Short Cycle Drawn Arc.


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